Case Studies

Below is a selection of case studies to illustrate how

HR Support has benefited some clients

HR Policies and Ongoing Support

After conducting an HR audit in a charity, I drafted contracts of employment for different categories of employees, designed various HR forms and created an Employee Handbook containing further terms and conditions and HR policies eg stress, harassment and family friendly issues.  The business now has a sound base of HR policies and I continue to keep them up to date on employment legislation and support them, mostly by telephone and email, on various employee issues such as long term absence, redundancy, discipline or grievance.


Company Restructure and Redundancies

Two print companies, based 20 miles apart, were merging. I guided the Directors through the process of transferring staff to the new business, restructuring the new operation and handling subsequent redundancies – all of which were new to them.  My expertise was used to draft scripts for meetings, prepare letters to staff, clarify terms and conditions, calculate redundancy entitlements and handle questions from staff.  The time and effort required by Directors would have detrimentally affected their other priorities.  My involvement alerted them to the rights of employees, protected the company from employment tribunal claims and ensured that the employees were dealt with in a fair and compassionate manner.


Professionalised HR Activities

A multi-location Distribution Company asked me to ‘professionalise’ its HR activities.  I developed some policies, created an Employee Handbook, improved HR/payroll procedures, and created an HR Manual for Managers, outlining their HR responsibilities.  I also prepared and delivered training courses on HR skills and coached HR administrators to develop their HR skills further. Several years later, I assisted in the appointment and training of an HR Manager and gradually stepped back from the HR operation.


Long Term Absence and Disability

An employee had displayed ‘unusual’ conduct over several weeks and following an incident at work was absent for several months.  The client and I suspected that she might have a mental health problem and be disabled as per the Equality Act.  I provided practical support to the Director regarding consultation with the employee during her absence and liaised with medical personnel on the Company's behalf.  Following treatment and an independent occupational health assessment, we discussed the results with her, agreed reasonable adjustments to her duties and a phased return to work.  I also took steps to reassure other staff (who had been affected by her earlier conduct) by alerting them to the implications of her condition,  encouraging them to treat her with respect and to notify the Company of any incidents which might suggest a deterioration in her condition. 


Employment Tribunal Claim

A self-employed builder dismissed his only employee in the heat of the moment, resulting in an Employment Tribunal claim.  By using me to deal with this on his behalf, not only was he able to free himself from the worry of dealing with something unfamiliar to him, but he benefited from my knowledge of legislation and tribunal procedures.  The end result was a modest settlement, which he would not have achieved without my help.


TUPE Support

My client, a national company, won a contract which involved transferring over 30 employees from 10 different subsidiaries from the customer to my client, in line with the TUPE regulations (applicable in mergers/acquisitions/changes of service provision). Each subsidiary had different terms and conditions for their employees.  My role was to represent my client (and guide the customer’s HR Managers) through the TUPE process to ensure that appropriate consultation procedures were carried out and that the different terms and conditions of the 30 staff were fully understood and able to be implemented by my client’s HR department. As a result, my client was able to focus on the operational issues of the new contract and leave me to handle the HR issues.


Independent Mediator

A poor relationship between a Manager and one of his staff was having an effect on the business, and I was asked to provide support.  I met with both employees individually to discuss the issues they had with each other and then managed a meeting of both parties where they were able to air their issues and come to a resolution for the future.  The relationship improved dramatically with my assistance as an independent mediator and the business benefited as a result.